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Time On Your Hands? 

Food Finder Needs Volunteers


Food Finder is always looking for volunteers. If you have time on your hands and want to make a difference, we’d love to hear from you. To get started, please fill out the form below. 


Food Finder has a variety of volunteering options, including food hosts, advertising, marketing via social media, handing out food to high school student on Free Food Friday’s, raising awareness in your community, asking friends to become a Pantry, and managing our phone line. Food host volunteers are needed to pick up extra food from restaurants, farmers, grocery stores and individuals donating food items. Food Finder works will a variety of restaurant chains, independent markets, and other organizations arranging times for Food Finder volunteers to pick up the extra food items. One of the biggest reasons restaurants don’t donate food before it goes bad, is the time it takes to drive across town to drop off the food items at food banks.  In addition, many food banks don’t accept fresh food at all. We’ve found that if we make it easy for the restaurants, they really want to help. Food Finder takes food off their hands before it expires, and that helps everyone. One of the biggest challenges for restaurants or grocery stores is that don’t (or won’t) allocate employee resources to list food items, with the extra food items ending up in the trash. We can change all of that with your help. Once food items are picked up, a Pantry volunteer lists the food items just as she would items from her kitchen.


Food Finder is creating food insecurity awareness and needs your help. If you’re well connected on social media, helping us spread the word is one of the most valuable tools you have in helping us starve out local hunger.


Food Finder is a new concept, different than a Food Bank, offering a more personal approach to helping people in our communities. Statistically, the average household in America wastes on average $500-5000 worth of food per year. If a percentage of that food found it into the hands of people suffering from food insecurities, it’s a win-win for everyone.


If you’d like to learn more, please reach out.


For more information about Food Finder, please click here.


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