Is the Hunger Crises in America Changing?  

Is the Hunger Crises in America Changing?  

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Financial forecasting shows that the economy is starting to rebound, many people are seeing improvement in their personal financial circumstances since the last recession crises. For many, the financial recovery process is slow, especially for those hit the hardest.  Many Americans are still feeling the effects of the recession despite the hope of a stronger future. There are people struggling to get by because of stagnant income levels, underemployment, and rising costs of living in nearly every community. In fact, as many as 45 million people turn to American food banks annually for assistance feeding their families. While food banks are a wonderful way for people to supplement meals, food banks are not always convenient or easy to get to. In many areas, public transportation is not always accessible, making the reach for food banks difficult. Food Finder is bridging the gap between people with too much food with those suffering from food insecurities. There are people in every community in the US that suffer from food insecurities and where their next meal will come from. Using Food Finder, Member’s can access food in their area, often finding food just around the corner.


Food banks rely on food donations from grocery stores, markets, and surplus box stores. A Food Finder Member can access food from Pantries in their neighborhood, not big box stores. In doing so, a Member may find a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, and dairy products as part of the food made available to a Member. Many of our Pantries over purchase while at the grocery store, realizing they have food that will expire if they don’t donate or sell the food.

Food waste in America is a crisis. We waste more food in America than any other country globally. Food waste in America has reached an all-time high, while food insecurities have also reached extreme levels. Allowing Pantries and Members to work together inside their communities’ forces community bonding and a sense of oneness.



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