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What’s the Difference between Food Finder and a Food Bank?

Food Finder vs. Food Bank

What’s the Difference between Food Finder and a Food Bank?

According to Wikipedia, a food bank or foodbank is a not for profit or non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid food insecurities or hunger.

Most food banks are warehouse and distribution facilities that repackage and distribute donated food items. Food banks receive donated food items from both local and national sources. Although food drives, charity events, and individual donations are important to food banks, the bulk of food bank donations come from manufacturers, retailers, shippers, packers, and growers in the form of large quantity surplus items. These surplus items normally consist of non-perishable items such as canned soups, canned fruits and vegetables, canned meat, boxed foods, pasta, and various canned sauces.

Once food banks receive these items, they then repackage and ship them to numerous member organizations. These member organizations consist of faith based missions, church pantries, soup kitchens, group homes, and homeless shelters. From there, the organizations either distribute the food directly to members of the community or offer cooked meals to individuals at the facility in need. It’s estimated that 1 in 7 rely on food banks for their meals.

Although some member organizations offer mobile food delivery services, most community members need to travel to the various organizations to take advantage of the free food. Depending on their proximity to an established organization, individuals and their families may need to travel a fair distance to benefit from the free food offered by these facilities.

Here’s how Food Finder is different

Food Finder is a peer-to-peer food sharing platform, where members can donate food items directly to families and members of the community in need. Food Finder is not a warehouse or distribution center, but rather a way for members of the community to connect with one another and exchange extra food. Food Finder pantry members with extra food can list their items online for people in need to come get. It’s a fast and simple way to get food in the hands of people who need it most.

With Food Finder, you’re not just limited to non-perishable and bulk food items. You can find anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to milk, eggs, meat, and various other fresh foods. Anything that a normal household would have in their refrigerator or pantry can be found on Food Finder. Food Finder is convenient, allowing Members the ability to walk or ride a bike, if needed to pick up food items. Often times, food banks are hard to get to for many with transportation issues.

When you donate food items on Food Finder, you can donate those items right from your own home. Instead of having to drive down to your local food bank to drop the items off, you can list those items right from the comfort of your kitchen. This not only gives you a convenient way to donate food, but it also gives you the ability to offer the perishable and fresh food items that most food banks won’t take. If you’ve got time on your hands and want to contribute more, you can sign up as one of our food hosts. As a food host, you will work with restaurants, markets, and farmers in your area to pick up food on a prearranged schedule, listing the items under your Pantry. Doing so allows you to provide more food to people in your area.

Unlike food banks, Food Finder also offers ‘opened’ items for donation. So instead of throwing away an opened box of uncooked spaghetti or a half carton of perfectly good eggs, our users can donate those food items to people in need. This helps feed members of the community, and cuts down on individual food waste.

The best thing about Food Finder is that it’s everywhere. Whether it’s in small town Oklahoma or downtown Los Angeles, there’s always someone close by that has extra food. So instead of having to travel to a mission, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter for free food, you can walk around your neighborhood and pick up free food right in your own back yard.

Food Finder is a new way to donate. It’s a fast and simple way to give back to your community. By simply donating the extra food items in your home, you can help feed local families in your community. Your donations may be small, but combined with other members in your community, the effects can be life altering for so many in need.

Visit Food Finder now. If you’re interested in a list of food banks in your area, please click here. 

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